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The Easter Explosion

April must be one of my favourite months as far as photography is concerned. The natural light glows strongest as most of the humidity, typical of the rainy season has left, vegetation is lush and green, and there is no dust or smoke in the air. The wind is pretty absent too as we only […]

The hippo yawn….

It was the 7th of January, a spectacular afternoon on the Zambezi. We had come together to celebrate the 50th birthday of Ian Stevenson, CEO of Conservation Lower zambezi, check www.conservationlowerzambezi.org. There was quite a good group of us, mostly from the zambian tourism industry, and friends of conservation. Drinks were flowing and the kids […]

Are the rains gone?

Well, its been about a week since the last rains and it seems, they might indeed be over! The nights are starting to turn cool (not hot water bottle season yet) and the days are a lot less humid. Not that much rain – around 450 mm, for the whole season, but then the Lower […]

A year ago…

I’ve been looking through some photographs from a year ago…
The rain in the upper Zambezi had been heavy, and Kariba dam, about 80 kms upriver from Kanyemba was full.


It is not unusual later on in the season to have lion sightings from a Kanyemba lodge. Prey has no choice but to get closer to the river as food source becomes more scarce inland, and predators follow, sometimes using the Zambezi river as a trap.   At the end of October we consistently observed […]


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Makanya Nursery School

Makanya Nursery School

Kanyemba Lodge has recently commenced a program to support the operations of Makanya village’s small nursery school…

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