Ever since its inception Kanyemba has worked tirelessly with the local community, the wildlife authority and the other stakeholders in the Lower Zambezi, to conserve the natural resources of flora and fauna in the area and in the Zambezi. This was done both by assisting the authorities and Conservation Lower Zambezi in law enforcement operations and by providing an alternative option to poaching with the provision of jobs.


During the building process Kanyemba employed over 65 unskilled workers, all sourced from the community surrounding the Lodge. At considerable expense most of these were trained and now represent the bulk of the 45-strong workforce that Kanyemba Lodge and Kanyemba Island Bushcamp now employ. Kanyemba also set up a carpentry to build all the furniture necessary for the Lodge.


The result of the all the employment opportunities that Kanyemba has provided is now a successful story of ever-increasing wildlife populations in the stretch of river surrounding the lodge and Kanyemba Island, and the huge improvement in the skills and quality of life of the Kanyemba staff.


Kanyemba also spearheaded the catch and release policy for tiger fish and vundu, and has assisted Zambian fisheries to stop illegal fishing in the area. Angling opportunities now represent an exquisite adventure for our guests at zero impact to the fish population in the Zambezi River.


To find out more about Conservation Lower Zambezi, please click here.


If you have any questions about Kanyemba Lodge or Kanyemba Bushcamp, please feel free to get in touch via our contact page and we would be delighted to assist.

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