The Easter Explosion

April must be one of my favourite months as far as photography is concerned.
The natural light glows strongest as most of the humidity, typical of the rainy season has left, vegetation is lush and green, and there is no dust or smoke in the air.
The wind is pretty absent too as we only have soft breezes around midday.
The cumulus clouds seem to congregate like the european storks, ready to fly off somewhere else to drop their load of rain, and they no longer threaten us with imminent downpours.
They do however provide us with some of the more spectacular sunsets anyone will witness.

Easter was just such a day.

I was fortunate enough to get out on the river in the afternoon and escape camp with a few friends that chose to stay at our bushcamp on Kanyemba Island. Getting out of camp is always a lucky strike as i manage to stay away for a couple of hours from the admin and problems that come with owning a lodge in a remote part of Africa.
The Pinot Grigio was flowing and so was the Zambezi, taking us on its current and drifting about 5 kms on the river, only the chatter of the beeters on some of vertical enbankments, and the odd grunt of hippos.

And then the sky exploded....


Photos courtesy of Andrew and Claudia Hosking





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