The hippo yawn….

It was the 7th of January, a spectacular afternoon on the Zambezi. We had come together to celebrate the 50th birthday of Ian Stevenson, CEO of Conservation Lower zambezi, check There was quite a good group of us, mostly from the zambian tourism industry, and friends of conservation. Drinks were flowing and the kids were having a blast in the shallow waters of the Zambezi, surrounded by the scenery. As the sun was starting to set, a couple of elephants decided to take a swim too and crossed just down river from us in order to access some of the fragmites (the floating vegetation) on the opposite side of Kanyemba Island, and as they were crossing it was decided that a group photo was the right thing to do. Whilst trying to get everyone in the viewfinder, somebody said "look out behind you there's a hippo!!" Knowing this was just the oldest of practical jokes, I said "well just take a photo of it!" The two below are the 2 photos - one the group photo, the second one is me with the hippo "yawning" in the background (not really a yawn but rather an agressive territorial display). Brendan, on the far left of the first photograph took the photo of me. Enjoy. Riccardo



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