Are the rains gone?

Well, its been about a week since the last rains and it seems, they might indeed be over!
The nights are starting to turn cool (not hot water bottle season yet) and the days are a lot less humid.
Not that much rain - around 450 mm, for the whole season, but then the Lower Zambezi Valley is blessed with almost half of the waters of Southern Africa flowing through it....the mighty Zambezi....
It is one of the best times of the year for photoghraphy. The sky is clear, the colours are crisp, the vegetation green and thick.
The inter-african and eurasian migrant birds are gathering for their winter travels, whilst the more resident ones seem to be a lot more gregarious.
Below are a couple of photos taken on a couple of hours off on the river
White fronted bee-eaters at their breeding site (it gets occupied by carmine bee-eaters in late september), and a hippo watching the boat drift by at sunset.




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